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Skeletal muscle contractions increase superoxide anion in skeletal muscle extracellular space. We tested the hypotheses that 1) after an isometric contraction protocol, xanthine oxidase (XO) activity is a source of superoxide anion in the extracellular space of skeletal muscle and 2) the increase in XO-derived extracellular superoxide anion during(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the effects of ageing and training status on (1) markers of skeletal muscle mitochondrial content and (2) the ability to activate the acute signalling pathways associated with regulating exercise-induced mitochondrial biogenesis. Muscle biopsies were obtained from the vastus lateralis muscle of young untrained (24(More)
Dietary saturated fatty acids are implicated as a risk factor for atherosclerosis. The conversion of the major dietary saturated fatty acids stearic acid (18:0) and palmitic acid (16:0) to monounsaturated fatty acids in whole plasma and lipoprotein fractions is reported for seven healthy adult humans over 6 d using [U-13C]stearic acid (18:0*) and(More)
There are no studies on eating disorders in Pakistani adolescent girls. This study was conducted to determine the opinions, and behaviours pertaining to dieting and body size among 16 to 20 year old female school and college students in Islamabad, Pakistan. This was done through a five-item questionnaire to determine the SCOFF score. The SCOFF acronym has(More)
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