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Domestic violence is globally endemic and adversely impacts the health and economic well-being of women and society. This study used the standardized and validated assessment instrument "Woman Abuse Screening Tool" to study the prevalence of various forms of domestic violence among married women. The relationship between domestic violence and consanguineous(More)
There are no studies on eating disorders in Pakistani adolescent girls. This study was conducted to determine the opinions, and behaviours pertaining to dieting and body size among 16 to 20 year old female school and college students in Islamabad, Pakistan. This was done through a five-item questionnaire to determine the SCOFF score. The SCOFF acronym has(More)
The authors explore reasons for the observed increases in marriage age in Pakistan. "Using anecdotal data from urban Pakistan, an attempt is made in this paper to analyse the perceived reasons that cause delay in marriage as well as some suggestions made by the respondents of this study to overcome the delay if necessary. In [pursuing] this objective,(More)
Global and regional population projections produced by the United Nations are evaluated and compared with actual population estimates. While general observations pertaining to the global level are made, the focus is on Latin America for selected years from 1950 to 1980. It is found that "the quality of population projections improved since 1950. In(More)
"The purpose of this paper is to compare population projections prepared by the United Nations in the 1950's with the actual estimates for the countries and the regions of Central (including Mexico) and South America. The comparison is made in terms of (a) base population used in the projections (1950), (b) the projected and the estimated population for(More)
problem and entails use of power and aggression; either physical, verbal, and/or psychological aggressive behaviour that is directed towards a student by his/her peers.1,2 Bullying victimization has been associated with depression, and suicidal ideation.1-3 There are no studies on bullying among college students in Pakistan. A crosssectional survey with(More)
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