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Cloud computing is an emerging technology that provides elastic and flexible computing resources to the existing capabilities of business world. Besides several benefits of Cloud computing, there are still many challenging issues such as security and privacy of data stored on Cloud and lack of trust on Cloud service providers. Trust is one of the major(More)
Despite the various attractive features that Cloud has to offer, the rate of Cloud migration is rather slow, primarily due to the serious security and privacy issues that exist in the paradigm. One of the main problems in this regard is that of authorization in the Cloud environment, which is the focus of our research. In this paper, we present a systematic(More)
Cloud federation is a future evolution of Cloud computing, where Cloud Service Providers (CSP) collaborate dynamically to share their virtual infrastructure for load balancing and meeting the Quality of Service during the demand spikes. Today, one of the major obstacles in adoption of federation is the lack of trust between Cloud providers participating in(More)
The core of Cloud computing includes virtualization of hardware resources such as storage, network and memory provided through virtual machines (VM). The live migration of these VMs is introduced to obtain multiple benefits which mainly include high availability, hardware maintenance, fault takeover and workload balancing. Besides various facilities of the(More)
Security has been a major challenge faced by the cloud due to its open and distributed architecture. Intruders can misuse the cloud resources to achieve their malicious goals. In this paper, we propose a unique security scheme "Distributed Intrusion Detection System using Mobile Agents in Cloud Computing (DIDMACC)" to detect the distributed intrusions in(More)
Virtual Machine (VM) migration is mainly used for providing high availability, hardware maintenance, workload balancing and fault takeover in Cloud environment. However, it is susceptible to active and passive security attacks during migration process, which makes IT industry hesitant to accept this feature in Cloud. Compromising the VM migration process(More)
Delegation of access rights is becoming a common requirement of cloud based organizations. In this regard, various delegation models have been proposed. These models are strongly coupled with their specific access control model (ACM). For instance, if organization has deployed Role based Access Control (RBAC) model then it must use Role Based Delegation(More)
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