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Semantic Similarity relates to computing the similarity between concepts of ontology. There exist four approaches to calculate the semantic similarity. The first approach is based on path length. Under this approach we studied and compared some of the measures on a bench mark dataset. Among the compared measures Wu & Palmer measure has the advantage of(More)
85 ABSTRACT: Semantic Similarity relates to computing the similarity between different ontological concepts .Various categories of semantic similarity measures have been proposed to determine how similar are they between any two concepts within ontology. Information Content (IC) measure is one such among the category of measures. We analyze different(More)
In the modern era, concerns about safeguarding the information from attacks are on rise. Here, 2-d lifting wavelet decomposition of a grayscale cover image through Cohen, Daubechies and Feauveau (2,2) lifting wavelet is performed and three secret images are shuffled and embedded in detail coefficients of the transform using approximation coefficients as(More)
Knowledge Representation is largely based on ontologies in the Semantic Web. One of the major difficulties to construct ontology such that it meets the requirements of users is the high cost incurred and time consumed in building them. Gathering complete knowledge about the domain of disclosure is time consuming and may not guarantee expected results too.(More)
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