Ayesha Ameen

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Four viruses were tested for vertical transmission in Trichoplusia ni: T. ni nucleopolyhedrovirus (TnSNPV), T. ni cypovirus (TnCPV), Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV), and AcMNPV engineered to express a scorpion toxin (AcMNPV.AaIT). Fifth instars were exposed to each virus, the survivors were reared and mated, and second-generation (F(1))(More)
Ontology is an integral part of semantic web. Ontology can be to design and create metadata elements required for developing semantic web applications. The evolution of semantic web has encouraged creation of ontologies in many domains. In this paper we describe various steps involved in creation of university ontology. University ontology contains the(More)
pH and moisture content are important parameters to evaluate maturity of compost prepared by using different type of organic waste. This study was designed to check the effect of pH and moisture content at start and end of composting process. It was concluded from this study that the pH of the compost remained alkaline throughout composting process. The(More)
In this paper, we improve the formalism generated for the relationship that exists between information retrieval processes and quantum techniques, embodied in the concept quantum theory (QT) using their lexical constituents. Measurement is used as a parameter for understanding observables in relation to lexical content of a document which is extended to the(More)
Death is an inevitable end that comes only when it comes. Part of the preparation to death is ensuring that one’s assets are shared among the benefactors without rancor. Islam has defined the sharing formula of the properties of the deceased. The concept of inheritance from Islamic perspectives calls for no debate. The major challenge is how to get this(More)