Ayesha Altaf

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Security is highly critical in wireless communication, as wireless media is vulnerable to attacks. Mobile WiMAX is a new standard and it opens new horizons for security researchers. In this paper, authorization protocol for both versions of PKM in WiMAX has been analyzed. Possible attacks are also considered including interleaving, replay and suppress(More)
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks pose a serious threat to wireless networks. In WiMAX a large number of authentication requests sent to the Base Station (BS) by rouge Subscriber Stations (SSs) might lead to a DoS attack. Since authentication involves exchanging and checking certificates of both parties and is a computationally heavy task, the BS would(More)
Phishing is the technique of social engineering in which important information are hijacked. To prevent phishing the easiest way is to blacklist such web sites which are suspicious;, but there are many new phished websites that are not blacklisted. To protect users from those phishing sites many ways are available; one of those is to implement security(More)
Security is always the core focus for the researchers. Mobile WiMAX (World wide interoperability for Microwave Access) comes in 2005 and currently adopted by many organizations for broadband access. In this paper different security aspects for Mobile WiMAX or IEEE 802.16e-2005 has been analyzed. Numerous and diverse attacks related to authorization key(More)
Initial Ranging is first process in network entry process. In this research work, an enhanced version to security of Initial Ranging based attacks on IEEE 802.16-2009 is presented. Moreover, the existing Solutions on Initial Ranging problem are analyzed and their short comings are discussed. After discussing the shortcomings the problems are identified and(More)
Information technology has changed almost all the aspects of life in the recent years. Election process and methods are also influenced by technology. Researchers are working on existing methods and trying to improve voting system so that these systems can offer maximum efficiency. Voting is the heart of democracy that needs to be transparent and accurate.(More)
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