Ayerim Hernandez

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The photoprotective responses to an abrupt period of exceptional cold weather were studied in several Mediterranean evergreen species with different ecological requirements. The same pattern of response was observed in most of the species with little change in hydrophilic antioxidants (ascorbate and glutathione) and the carotenoid pool, an increase in the(More)
A one year study for determining the concentrations of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and fatty acids in urban runoff has been established in Madrid. Seasonal traffic and area variations were studied, so as to calculate enrichment factors after which apportionment techniques were used. Hierarchical cluster analysis was used to identify urban runoff in(More)
Gallic acid production in a batch bioreactor was evaluated using as catalytic material the mouldy polyurethane solids (MPS) obtained from a solid-state fermentation (SSF) bioprocess carried out for tannase production by Aspergillus niger GH1 on polyurethane foam powder (PUF) with 5 % (v/w) of tannic acid as inducer. Fungal biomass, tannic acid consumption(More)
The Antarctic Peninsula (AP) is often described as a region with one of the largest warming trends on Earth since the 1950s, based on the temperature trend of 0.54°C/decade during 1951-2011 recorded at Faraday/Vernadsky station. Accordingly, most works describing the evolution of the natural systems in the AP region cite this extreme trend as the underlying(More)
The denitrifying ability of thirteen strains of Rhizobium meliloti was tested. Most of the strains were able to reduce nitrate to nitrous oxide or dinitrogen. However, they failed to use nitrate as electron acceptor for ATP generation or growth at low oxygen tensions. Under micro-aerobic conditions, free-living cells of R. meliloti 102-F-51 strain exhibited(More)
Mangrove forests are ecosystems made up of several woody plants living in saline coastal sedimentary habitats. In order to deal with the high salinity of the substrate, mangrove trees possess a number of different mechanisms to exclude, sequestrate or excrete the excess of salt. The black mangrove (Avicennia germinans L.), one of the dominant species in(More)
A study of oxygen injection was performed in a completely filled gravity pipe, which is part of the South Tenerife reclaimed wastewater reuse scheme (Spain), in order to inhibit the appearance of anaerobic conditions by a nitrification-denitrification process. The pipe was 0.6 m in diameter and 62 km long and made of cast iron with a concrete inner coating,(More)
In-sewer treatments have been studied in sewer systems, but few have been carried out on reclaimed wastewater systems. A study of oxygen injection has been performed in a completely filled gravity pipe, 0.6 m in diameter and 62 km long, in cast iron with concrete inside coating, which is part of the reclaimed wastewater reuse scheme of Tenerife (Spain). A(More)
An integrated crop management system requires concerted fertilization-crop protection practice. Few data are available on the interactions between effectivity of pesticides and mineral nutrition of plants. We have studied the manifestation of toxicity in growth and mineral nutrition characteristics (N,P,K uptake, concentrations, ratios) of maize test plants(More)
Carbothermal treatment tests of electric arc furnace dusts (EAFD) using the Waelz kiln process were carried out in pilot-scale for the production of zinc oxide. The association of halides in the EAFD, and the recycled products, such as zinc oxide fumes and high-grade iron contents fractions were examined by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron(More)