Ayelet Pnueli

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We take a theoretician’s look at Chandy and Misra’s UNITY and ask what it is that makes the UNITY methodology so easy to use and how it relates to alternative methodologies. Specifically, we show how UNITY might have been obtained as a specialization of Manna and Pnueli’s temporal logic proof methodology together with Gerth’s transition logic. This has the(More)
This paper proposes a general framework for reconstructing sparse images from undersampled (squared)magnitude data corrupted with outliers and noise. This phase retrieval method uses a layered approach, combining repeated minimization of a convex majorizer (surrogate for a nonconvex objective function), and iterative optimization of that majorizer using a(More)
We propose a reconstruction method for the phase retrieval problem prevalent in optics, crystallography, and other imaging applications. Our approach uses signal sparsity to provide robust reconstruction, even in the presence of outliers. Our method is multi-layered, involving multiple random initial conditions, convex majorization, variable splitting, and(More)
With the advent of the Internet, it is desirable to interpret and extract useful information from the Web. One major challenge in Web interface interpretation is to discover the semantic structure underlying a Web interface. Many heuristic approaches have been developed to discover and group semantically related interface objects. However, those approaches(More)
which set to zero yields the minimizer u− = s η + d. The minimization of f+(u) or f−(u) along the curve on which both functions are equal-valued, involves parameterizing this curve and minimizing f+(u) as a function of this parameter. These functions are equal when |u|2− y = y+ |s|2− 2|s|Re{ue}, which corresponds to the circle |u+ s|2 = 2(y+ |s|2). The(More)
Since many of these notes are preliminary versions or may be published elsewhere, they have a limited distribution only and are not for review. Copies of these notes are available from the author or the editor. of the sections on objectives and area of advance, on baseline and rationale, on research goals, and on organisation of the action, as contained in(More)
  • Sandeep Singh Baghel, Ajay Goyal, +36 authors Sneha U. Bohra
  • 2016
Data integrity and confidentiality is major issue in internet based communication. For the integrity and confidently used various cryptography and stenography technique. The traditional message hiding technique faced a problem of intruder. The intruder easily decrypts the image and gets information. For the improvement of security strength used various key(More)
Assume we assign to it the time bounds [1, 5]. We wish to prove for this program the two properties: (y + at−l1 ≤ 3) (at−l4 ∧ at−m1 ∧ T ≤ 50) What is special about this program is that it contradicts the naive assumption that, in order to generate a behavior with the worst execution time, every process should proceed at the slowest pace possible. Here, in(More)