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A hand-held, battery-powered Fourier transform infrared spectroradiometer weighing 12.5 kg has been developed for the field measurement of spectral radiance from the Earth's surface and atmosphere in the 3-5-µm and 8-14-µm atmospheric windows, with a 6-cm(-1) spectral resolution. Other versions of this instrument measure spectral radiance between 0.4 and 20(More)
Bitter taste elicits an aversive reaction, and is believed to protect against consuming poisons. Bitter molecules are detected by the Tas2r family of G-protein-coupled receptors, with a species-dependent number of subtypes. Chickens demonstrate bitter taste sensitivity despite having only three bitter taste receptors-ggTas2r1, ggTas2r2 and ggTas2r7. This(More)
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