Ayelet Baruch

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Organisms must often make predictions about the trajectories of moving objects. However, often these objects become hidden. To later locate such objects, the organism must maintain a representation of the object in memory and generate an expectation about where it will later appear. We explored adult dogs' knowledge and use of the solidity principle (that(More)
The use of an angulated bone peg in arthrodesis of a digital joint is presented. The technique was demonstrated in two patients with severe bone loss. A bone graft was fashioned into an angulated peg of the desired angle and size and inserted in both sides of the gap. The suggested technique preserves the finger's length, maintaining the necessary(More)
Modest elevation of the free-thyroxine index occurs in many apparently euthyroid elderly in-patients. The present study investigated the possible relevance of drug side-effects to this problem. It appears that such side-effects associated with the use of L-Dopa, digoxin and co-trimoxazole account for a substantial proportion of the observed elevated(More)
Midcycle cervical mucus was obtained from 56 women. Each mucus sample was divided into four portions collected into a capillary tube and kept either at room temperature or at 4 degrees C, -20 degrees C or in liquid nitrogen for 1 h, afterwards thawed at 37 degrees C and used in the in vitro penetration device for 1 h. 56 semen samples of good quality were(More)
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