Aydogan Savran

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The architecture and training procedure of a novel recurrent neural network (RNN), referred to as the multifeedback-layer neural network (MFLNN), is described in this paper. The main difference of the proposed network compared to the available RNNs is that the temporal relations are provided by means of neurons arranged in three feedback layers, not by(More)
This paper describes the development of a neural network (NN) based adaptive flight control system for a high performance aircraft. The main contribution of this work is that the proposed control system is able to compensate the system uncertainties, adapt to the changes in flight conditions, and accommodate the system failures. The underlying study can be(More)
In this paper, a novel multivariable predictive fuzzy-proportional-integral-derivative (F-PID) control system is developed by incorporating the fuzzy and PID control approaches into the predictive control framework. The developed control system has two main units referred as adaptation and application parts. The adaptation part consists of a F-PID(More)
A novel procedure for integrating neural networks (NNs) with conventional techniques is proposed to design industrial modeling and control systems for nonlinear unknown systems. In the proposed approach, a new recurrent NN with a special architecture is constructed to obtain discrete-time state-space representations of nonlinear dynamical systems. It is(More)
We develop a novel adaptive tuning method for classical proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller to control nonlinear processes to adjust PID gains, a problem which is very difficult to overcome in the classical PID controllers. By incorporating classical PID control, which is well-known in industry, to the control of nonlinear processes, we(More)
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