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Osteocyte-Driven Downregulation of Snail Restrains Effects of Drd2 Inhibitors on Mammary Tumor Cells.
While bone is a frequent target of breast cancer-associated metastasis, little is known about the effects of tumor-bone interactions on the efficacy of tumor-suppressing agents. Here we examined theExpand
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Fate of Siloxane Impurities During the Combustion of Renewable Natural Gas
The fate of siloxane impurities during the combustion of renewable natural gas has been investigated experimentally in the counter-flow configuration. These impurities were shown to decomposeExpand
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Soot formation in flames of model biodiesel fuels
Abstract The sooting propensities of non-premixed flames of a class of model biodiesel fuels, namely fatty acid esters, were studied systematically. Soot volume fractions were measured using theExpand
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Pitavastatin slows tumor progression and alters urine‐derived volatile organic compounds through the mevalonate pathway
  • Luqi Wang, Yue Wang, +11 authors H. Yokota
  • Medicine
  • FASEB journal : official publication of the…
  • 4 October 2019
Bone is a frequent site of metastasis from breast cancer, and a desirable drug could suppress tumor growth as well as metastasis‐linked bone loss. Currently, no drug is able to cure breastExpand
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Skeletal loading regulates breast cancer-associated osteolysis in a loading intensity-dependent fashion
Osteocytes are mechanosensitive bone cells, but little is known about their effects on tumor cells in response to mechanical stimulation. We treated breast cancer cells with osteocyte-derivedExpand
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Effects of a checkpoint kinase inhibitor, AZD7762, on tumor suppression and bone remodeling
Chemotherapy for suppressing tumor growth and metastasis tends to induce various effects on other organs. Using AZD7762, an inhibitor of checkpoint kinase (Chk) 1 and 2, the present study examinedExpand
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Finite-element analysis of the mouse proximal ulna in response to elbow loading
Bone is a mechano-sensitive tissue that alters its structure and properties in response to mechanical loading. We have previously shown that application of lateral dynamic loads to a synovial joint,Expand
Study of Silane Decomposition during the Combustion of Renewable Natural Gas
The decomposition of silane (SiH4), as a model silicon-containing trace compound in renewable natural gas (RNG), has been studied during RNG combustion at ambient pressure conditions, using theExpand
Mechanical stimulations can inhibit local and remote tumor progression by downregulating WISP1
  • S. Liu, Di Wu, +11 authors H. Yokota
  • Medicine
  • FASEB journal : official publication of the…
  • 3 August 2020
Mechanical stimulations can prevent bone loss, but their effects on the tumor‐invaded bone or solid tumors are elusive. Here, we evaluated the effect of knee loading, dynamic loads applied to theExpand