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This study is to evaluate whether it is possible to predict living stature from sacral and coccygeal vertebral dimensions. Individual vertebral body heights, sacral height (SH), and sacrococcygeal height (SCH) were recorded from the magnetic resonance images of 42 adult males. Sum of the heights of five sacral vertebrae (sigmaS), the first four coccygeal(More)
In this paper, the problem of variable selection in linear regression is considered. This problem involves choosing the most appropriate model from the candidate models. Variable selection criteria based on estimates of the Kullback-Leibler information are most common. Akaike’s AIC and bias corrected AIC belong to this group of criteria. The reduction of(More)
Nonlinear models play an important role in various scientific disciplines and engineering. The parameter estimation of these models should be efficient to make better decisions. Ordinary least squares (OLS) method is used for estimating the parameters of nonlinear regression models when all regression assumptions are satisfied. If there is a problem with(More)
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