Aydin Azizi

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In recent years, many approaches have been exploited for automatic road extraction. Most of these approaches are based on edge detection algorithms. In this paper, a new object-based approach for automatic extraction of main roads in large scale imagemaps is proposed. The gray-scale imagemap is converted to a simplified imagemap using Gray scale(More)
  • M Saadat-Seresht, F Samdzadegan, A Azizi, M Hahn, V Commission, Wg
  • 2004
For measuring complex industrial objects using vision metrology systems, automatic optimum network design is a real challenge. In the absence of given or simulated 3D CAD models of the objects and the workspace, the complexity of objects introduces several uncertainty factors into the camera placement decision making process. These uncertainty factors(More)
This research work is concerned with the implementation of a shape from shading (SFS) technique for automatically generating a digital terrain model (DTM) using a single digitized aerial photograph of a terrain area with low signal (information) content. The mathematical model for the SFS is established based on the fact that the pixel's gray level(More)
The objective of this paper is to introduce a low cost digital close range photogrammetric system developed in our department. With this system an amateur camera is employed for stereo coverage of industrial objects. The acquired images are scanned by a desktop scanner. The digitized images are then fed into a desktop computer for photogrammetric processing(More)
Analysing and modelling efforts on production throughput are getting more complex due to random variables in today's dynamic production systems. The objective of this study is to take multiple random variables of production into account when aiming for production throughput with higher accuracy of prediction. In the dynamic manufacturing environment,(More)
— introducing a suitable model for a structure to understand its behavior under different conditions of loading is very important. Mathematical modeling is the simulation of a physical structure or physical process by means of suitable analytical or numerical construct. One of suitable methods for finding deflection of a beam under different forms of(More)
— Vibration control is an essential problem in different structure. Smart material can make a structure smart, adaptive and self-controlling so they are effective in active vibration control. Piezoelectric elements can be used as sensors and actuators in flexible structures for sensing and actuating purposes. In this paper we use PZT elements as sensors and(More)