Aydan R. Yumerefendi

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This paper presents the design and implementation of Shirako, a system for on-demand leasing of shared networked resources. Shirako is a prototype of a serviceoriented architecture for resource providers and consumers to negotiate access to resources over time, arbitrated by brokers. It is based on a general lease abstraction: a lease represents a contract(More)
This paper summarizes recent research on networked virtual computing in the NICL lab at Duke. Over the past few years, we have constructed a service-oriented substrate for networked sharing and adaptive middleware environments based on a virtual on-demand computing. The goal of the project is to develop protocols and tools that can link together virtual(More)
Grid computing environments need secure resource control and predictable service quality in order to be sustainable. We propose a grid hosting model in which independent, selfcontained grid deployments run within isolated containers on shared resource provider sites. Sites and hosted grids interact via an underlying resource control plane to manage a(More)
Embedding virtual topologies in physical network infrastructure has been an area of active research for the future Internet and network testbeds. Virtual network embedding is also useful for linking virtual compute clusters allocated from cloud providers. Using advanced networking technologies to interconnect distributed cloud sites is a promising way to(More)
Virtualization technology offers powerful resource management mechanisms, including performance-isolating resource schedulers, live migration, and suspend/resume. But how should networked virtual computing systems use these mechanisms? A grand challenge is to devise practical policies to drive these mechanisms in a self-managing or "autonomic" system,(More)