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The erythrocyte membrane is modeled as a two-dimensional viscoelastic continuum that evolves under the application of stress. The present analysis of the erythrocyte membrane is motivated by the recent development of knowledge about its molecular structure. The constitutive equations proposed in the present analysis explain in a consistent manner the data(More)
BACKGROUND Three-dimensional in vitro culture of cancer cells are used to predict the effects of prospective anti-cancer drugs in vivo. In this study, we present an automated image analysis protocol for detailed morphological protein marker profiling of tumoroid cross section images. METHODS Histologic cross sections of breast tumoroids developed in(More)
Cell adhesion plays a fundamental role in the organization of cells in differentiated organs, cell motility, and immune response. A novel micromanipulation method is employed to quantify the direct contribution of surface adhesion receptors to the physical strength of cell adhesion. In this technique, a cell is brought into contact with a glass-supported(More)
The effect of cross-bridge clustering and head-head competition on the mechanical response of skeletal muscle under equilibrium conditions is considered. For this purpose, the recent multiple site equilibrium cross-bridge model of Schoenberg (Schoenberg, M., 1985, Biophys. J., 48:467-475) is extended in accordance with the formalism of T.L. Hill (1974,(More)
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