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BACKGROUND In recent years, many advances in pancreatic surgery have been achieved. Nevertheless, the rate of pancreatic fistula following pancreatic tail resection does not differ between various techniques, still reaching up to 30% in prospective multicentric studies. Taking into account contradictory results concerning the usefulness of covering(More)
Parathyroid carcinoma (PC) is remarkable for its rare occurrence and challenging diagnostics. PC accounts for 0.1–5 % cases of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). The differentiation from benign tumours is difficult even by morphological criteria. To address these issues, we assessed the PC frequency in two separate European PHPT cohorts and evaluated the(More)
Die chirurgische Therapie ist weiterhin der einzige nachweislich kurative Therapieansatz für Patienten mit neuroendokrinen Tumoren (NET) des gastroenteropankreatischen Systems. Neben der Therapie von Zufallsbefunden verlangt die Therapie von NET bei variabler Aggressivität der Tumoren und oft guter Langzeitprognose eine eindeutige präoperative Einschätzung(More)
27th Annual Meeting of the Surgical Working Group of Endocrine Surgery (CAEK) of the German Society of General and Visceral Surgery, 13–15 November 2008, Rostock, Germany Scientific Chairman and Organization Prof. Dr. Ernst Klar University Hospital of Rostock Department of General, Thoracic, Vascular and Transplant Surgery Schillingallee 35 18057 Rostock,(More)
Update in Endocrine Surgery — 2nd Workshop of the European Society of Endocrine Surgeons (ESES), 17–19 May 2007, Vienna, Austria Endoscopic surgery in neuroendocrine pancreatic tumours Congress Venue: Schloss Wilhelminenberg, Savoyenstrasse 2, 1160 Vienna, Austria Scientific Committee: M. Barczynski (PL) A. Bergenfelz (S) T. Clerici (CH) T. Defechereux (B)(More)
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