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We describe techniques that enable fabrication of a new class of photonic devices based on free UH-Q microresonators. Preliminary results show that free silica microtoroids with Qs above 30 million can be fabricated and transferred to different platforms for integration with a variety of photonic devices. Very high-order microring resonator filters for WDM(More)
We demonstrate an accurate, quantitative, and label-free optical technology for high-throughput studies of receptor-ligand interactions, and apply it to TATA binding protein (TBP) interactions with oligonucleotides. We present a simple method to prepare single-stranded and double-stranded DNA microarrays with comparable surface density, ensuring an accurate(More)
Optical resonators designed for biological sensing and imaging are demonstrated to yield sub-nanometer position accuracy in DNA conformation, high-sensitivity in ring-resonators for biosensing, and massively parallel, non-labeled detection in a Resonant Cavity Imaging Biosensor. Resonance is an enabling property of a myriad of optical devices such as(More)
An etched beam splitter (EBS) photonic coupler based on frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) is designed, fabricated and characterized in the InP/InGaAsP material system. The EBS offers an ultra compact footprint (8x11 μm) and a complete range of bar/cross coupling ratio designs. A novel pre-etching process is developed to achieve sufficient depth of(More)
A platform for in situ and real-time measurement of protein induced conformational changes in dsDNA is presented. We demonstrate protein induced bending upon sequence specific binding of Integration Host Factor (IHF) to dsDNA probes. I. INTRODUCTION Several platforms were recently developed to study protein-DNA interactions. The most popular assays,(More)
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