Aybüke Öztürk

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In this study, we propose textual summarization for scientific publications and mobile phone usage patterns. Textual summarization is a process that takes a source document or set of related documents, identifying the most salient information and conveying it in less space than the original text. The increasing availability of information has necessitated(More)
Data organization is a difficult and essential component in cultural heritage applications. Over the years, a great amount of archaeological ceramic data have been created and processed by various methods and devices. Such ceramic data are stored in databases that concur to increase the amount of available information rapidly. However , such databases(More)
Public (open) data are now provided by many governments and organizations. Access to them can be made through central repositories or applications such as Google public data. 1 On the other hand, usage is still very much human oriented; there is no global data download, the data need to be selected and prepared manually, and need to be decided data(More)
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