Ayat Ahmadi

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BACKGROUND An effective response to health problems is completely dependent upon the capacities of the health system in providing timely and valid information to take action. This study was designed to identify various reasons from various perspectives for underreporting disease by physicians in the private sector in big cities in developing countries(More)
Regular physical activity (PA) is an underlying factor since childhood and adolescence for having a healthy and active future for life. The aim of this stud y was to review the evidence on increasing the youth PA to develop the national program at country level. At first, the databases were searched using the sensitive keywords, and systematic reviews of(More)
BACKGROUND Bladder cancer is the most frequent genitourinary malignancy in Iran. Environmental and genetic factors are the two factors linked with bladder cancer expansion. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of PTEN gene and environmental risk factors on the progression and prognosis of bladder cancer. METHODS We evaluated 55 tumor(More)
BACKGROUND A small proportion of physicians adhere to tuberculosis (TB) notification regulations, particularly in the private sector. In most developing countries, the private sector has dominance over delivering services in big cities. In such circumstances deviation from the TB treatment protocol is frequently happening. This study sought to estimate TB(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate if addition of L-carnitine therapy to standard varicocelectomy adds any extra benefit in terms of improvement in semen parameters or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred patients enrolled in this study and were randomly divided into 2 groups (50 patients in each group). In group 1, standard inguinal(More)
Dear editor A noteworthy article published in this journal [1] and many other investigations conducted identified the association between absolute CD4 counts and their association with presence or absence of oral manifestations. In the absence of other clinical or laboratory information, particularly in developing countries where CD4 counts due to financial(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether EPCA-2 (a prostate matrix nuclear protein) can be a more helpful marker in prostate cancer diagnosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS 176 patients enrolled in this study had abnormal prostate specific antigen (PSA) or digital rectal examination and were candidates for prostate needle biopsy. Blood samples were obtained from each(More)
PURPOSE To determine serum fetuin-A pattern after renal transplantation and its association with graft outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 41 renal transplant recipients, serum pretransplant fetuin-A levels and serum fetuin-A concentrations on days 7 and 30 after transplantation were measured using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent as­say (ELISA) method.(More)
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