Ayaskant Rath

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The ever increasing user demand for highly data- intensive applications is motivating cellular operators to provide more data services. However, the operators are suffering from the heavy budgetary burden of upgrading their infrastructure. Most macrocell Base Stations still connect to backhauls with capacities of less than 8 Mbps, much too low to be able to(More)
Video streaming applications are a major contributor to the recent dramatic rise of data traffic in cellular networks. Mobile users in a cellular network suffer fluctuating data rates, which almost directly reflects on the quality of video they view in a streaming service. Although replacing such video <i>streaming</i> services with video(More)
Recent Deployments of Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks, with their high bandwidth potential, have enabled to deliver a variety of new multi-media services to a customers home. In addition to broadcast TV, traditionally delivered by coax or fiber, new high bandwidth Internet connections are now available through such deployments. One of the very popular(More)
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