Ayano Yamazaki

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Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) is first synthesized as a membrane-anchored form (proHB-EGF), and its soluble form (sHB-EGF) is released by ectodomain shedding from proHB-EGF. To examine the significance of proHB-EGF processing in vivo, we generated mutant mice by targeted gene replacement, expressing either an uncleavable form (HBuc) or a(More)
Effects of two different light intensities during daytime were examined on human circadian rhythms in plasma melatonin, core body temperature, and wrist activity under a fixed sleep schedule. Sleep qualities as indicated by polysomnography and subjective sleepiness were also measured. In the first week, under dim light conditions ( approximately 10 lx), the(More)
Effects of periodic maternal deprivation (MD) were examined in rat pups on growth rate, circadian phase and period at weaning, and stress responsiveness in adulthood. MD was performed from postnatal day 1 to day 6 or day 7, with or without keeping ambient temperature at 37 degrees C and humidity at 70-80% during deprivation. Times of day and length of MD(More)
Effects of maternal deprivation (MD) with different conditions were examined on the circadian rhythms in plasma corticosterone and locomotor activity in adult rats under ad libitum and restricted daily feeding (RF), in which rats had free access to food for 2 h for 3 weeks. Three different types of MD were performed from postnatal day 1 (P1) to day 6 (P6);(More)
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