Ayano Yamashita

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Prevention of quality of life (QOL) deterioration is associated with the inhibition of geriatric diseases and the regulation of brain function. However, no substance is known that prevents the aging of both body and brain. It is known that polyamine concentrations in somatic tissues (including the brain) decrease with increasing age, and polyamine-rich(More)
Steroid bufenolides resulting from epoxidation of the 17beta-2-pyrone ring of bufadienolides are rare. Five 20,21-epoxybufenolides, namely, 20S,21-epoxyresibufogenin (1), 20R,21-epoxyresibufogenin (2), 3-O-formyl-20S,21-epoxyresibufogenin (3), 3-O-formyl-20R,21-epoxyresibufogenin (4), and 3-oxo-20S,21-epoxyresibufogenin (5), were isolated from the Chinese(More)
QSAR analysis has been used to identify the essential structural requirements for increasing the inhibitory activities of selected bufadienolides from the Chinese drug Ch'an Su (and other sources) against the primary liver carcinoma cell line PLC/PRF/5 (PLC) and the derived colchicine-resistant line (COL). The variable substituent domain of the proposed(More)
Interleukin (IL)-6 is a key mediator in the regulation and coordination of the immune response and participates in pathogenesis of cancer cachexia, autoimmune disease, and postmenopausal osteoporosis. In the course of a screening program aimed at IL-6 inhibitor from natural products, we isolated 20S,21-epoxy-resibufogenin-3-formate (ERBF) from bufadienolide(More)
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