Ayano Tanabe

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We report a new optical arrangement that creates high-efficiency, high-quality Fresnel incoherent correlation holography (FINCH) holograms using polarization sensitive transmission liquid crystal gradient index (TLCGRIN) diffractive lenses. In contrast, current universal practice in the field employs a reflective spatial light modulator (SLM) to separate(More)
Two-photon excitation laser scanning microscopy has enabled the visualization of deep regions in a biospecimen. However, refractive-index mismatches in the optical path cause spherical aberrations that degrade spatial resolution and the fluorescence signal, especially during observation at deeper regions. Recently, we developed transmissive liquid-crystal(More)
We examine the performance of a tunable liquid crystal q-plate in a reflective geometry. When the device is tuned to a half-wave retardance, it operates as a q-plate with twice the value (2q) by adding a quarter-wave retarder between the mirror and the q-plate. However, when the device is tuned to a quarter-wave retardance, it acts as the original q-plate(More)
MOSFETs with a high mobility channel are currently stirring a strong interest as advanced CMOS device structures, which can relax several physical limitations associated with device scaling. From this viewpoint, MOSFETs with strained-Si/relaxed SiGe structures are promising for high performance/low power CMOS applications, because of the high electron and(More)
An optical coherence tomography (OCT) system with a 2.8-mm beam diameter is presented. Sensorless defocus correction can be performed with a Badal optometer and astigmatism correction with a liquid crystal device. OCT B-scans were used in an image-based optimization algorithm for aberration correction. Defocus can be corrected from ? 4.3 ?? D to + 4.3 ?? D(More)
All aberrations produced inside a biospecimen can degrade the quality of a three-dimensional image in two-photon excitation laser scanning microscopy. Previously, we developed a transmissive liquid-crystal device to correct spherical aberrations that improved the image quality of a fixed-mouse-brain slice treated with an optical clearing reagent. In this(More)
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