Ayano Nomura

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The Rho/Rho-kinase pathway plays an important role in many cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, and myocardial infarction. Although previous studies have shown that Rho-kinase inhibitors reduce ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury and cytokine production, the role of Rho-kinase in leukocytes during I/R injury is not(More)
Inhibition of parasympathetic neural tone to the iris was produced by electrical stimulation of the afferent sciatic nerve, medullary reticular formation, and posterior hypothalamus in anesthetized cats in which only the parasympathetic nerves to the eye were intact. Stimulation of all 3 sites of activation produced a graded pupillary dilation and reduction(More)
The effect of endogenous opioid peptides (beta-endorphin, leucine-enkephalin, dynorphin 1-13 on the release of thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) from the rat stomach in vitro was studied. The rat stomach was incubated in the medium 199 with 1.0 mg/ml of bacitracin (pH 7.4) (medium) and the amount of TRH released into the medium was measured by(More)
Intraperitoneal injection of hypertonic glucose solution induced intracranial hemorrhage in rats. Simultaneously determined plasma norepinephrine exponentially increased followed by death. Using in vivo voltammetry, the present study was undertaken to estimate the relationship between neurochemical parameters and intracranial bleedings induced by hypertonic(More)
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