Ayano Kobayashi

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Bacteroides–Prevotella group is one of the most promising targets for detecting fecal contamination in water environments, principally due to its host-specific distributions and high concentrations in feces of warm-blooded animals. We developed real-time PCR assays for quantifying chicken/duck-, chicken-, and duck-associated Bacteroides–Prevotella 16S rRNA(More)
Quantitative PCR (qPCR) assays targeting the host-specific Bacteroides-Prevotella 16S rRNA genetic markers have been proposed as one of the promising approaches to identify the source of fecal contamination in environmental waters. One of the concerns of qPCR assays to environmental samples is the reliability of quantified values, since DNA extraction(More)
Legible robot behavior is a key element for smooth and efficient navigation among humans. However, at present, even the state-of-the-art robots cannot communicate its internal state of directional intent by displaying human-like non-verbal cues. In this paper, we explore various modes for communicating directional intent of a robot across three different(More)
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