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overview of the robotic resources available to AI educators and provides context for the articles in this special issue. We set the stage by addressing the trade-offs among a number of established and emerging hardware and software platforms, curricular topics, and robot contests used to motivate and teach undergraduate AI. R obot platforms have played a(More)
— Evacuating a building in an emergency situation can be very confusing and dangerous. Exit signs are static and thus have no ability to convey information about congestion or danger between the sign and the actual exit door. Emergency personnel may arrive too late to assist in an evacuation. Robots, however, can be stored inside of buildings and can be(More)
—Robots have the potential to save lives in emergency scenarios, but could have an equally disastrous effect if participants overtrust them. To explore this concept, we performed an experiment where a participant interacts with a robot in a non-emergency task to experience its behavior and then chooses whether to follow the robot's instructions in an(More)