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The role of the electronegativity of atoms in inorganic compounds in TOF-SIMS fragmentation is discussed. From a study of approximately 30 inorganic compounds--chlorides, oxides, nitrates, and sulfates--a simple rule has been proposed for the dependence of fragment pattern appearance on the electronegativity (electron affinity), which can be easily obtained(More)
A pilot-scale low-emission boiler system consisting of a bio-fuel boiler and a plasma-chemical hybrid NO<sub>x</sub> removal system is investigated. This system can achieve carbon neutrality because the bio-fuel boiler uses waste vegetable oil (WVO) as one of the fuels. The plasma-chemical hybrid NO<sub>x</sub> removal system has two processes: NO oxidation(More)
Fuel spray atomization strongly affects diesel engine performance and emissions, which in turn is significantly influenced by transient cavitation behavior inside an injector nozzle. In this study, a coupled experimental and numerical study on cavitating flow inside a nozzle was carried out. Numerical simulation was performed using OpenFOAM which employs(More)
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