Ayan Chaudhury

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—Linear Nearest Neighbor (LNN) synthesis in reversible circuits has emerged as an important issue in terms of technological implementation for quantum computation. The objective is to obtain a LNN architecture with minimum gate cost. As achieving optimal synthesis is a hard problem, heuristic methods have been proposed in recent literature. In this work we(More)
We present a global algorithm for drift free alignment of multiple range scans of "thin" data into a single point cloud that is suitable for further processing, such as triangular meshing and volume calculation. We consider two sets of non-rigid data: synthetic vascular data and real Arabidopsis plant data. Our method builds on the coherent point drift(More)
—Laser scanner-captured 3-D point cloud data analysis is becoming more commonly used for remote sensing and plant science applications. Because of nonrigidity and complexity, reconstructing a 3-D model of a plant is extremely challenging. Existing algorithms often fail to find correct correspondences for plantlike thin structures. We address the problem of(More)
Research on increasing the production of crops is increasingly important these days. This research needs a way to quantitatively measure the 3D growth of plants under controlled environments to allow a cost versus benefits analysis. Plant scientists need a non-invasive, non-destructive method to quantitatively measure the 3D growth of plants. Traditional(More)
A novel sensor-less position and speed estimation scheme for a three phase wound rotor induction machine is described in this paper. The algorithm is based on axes transformations. The algorithm can be started on the fly without the knowledge of the initial rotor position. Estimation at or near synchronous speed, corresponding to zero rotor frequency, is(More)
— Calibration in a multi camera network has widely been studied for over several years starting from the earlier days of photogrammetry. Many authors have presented several calibration algorithms with their relative advantages and disadvantages. In a stereovision system, multiple view reconstruction is a challenging task. However, the total computational(More)
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