Ayalsew Zerihun

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Climate is a strong modulator of berry composition. Accordingly, the projected change in climate is expected to impact on the composition of berries and of the resultant wines. However, the direction and extent of climate change impact on fruit composition of winegrape cultivars are not fully known. This study utilised a climate gradient along a 700 km(More)
More than a century of observations has established that climate influences grape berry composition. Accordingly, the projected global climate change is expected to impact on grape berry composition although the magnitude and direction of impact at regional and subregional scales are not fully known. The aim of this study was to assess potential impacts of(More)
Spatial variation in yield and fruit composition has been observed in many vineyards, leading to low productivity. In this study, site-specific irrigation was applied in a commercial vineyard (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Shiraz) block in the Sunraysia region of Australia to improve production in low-yielding areas of the block and decrease differences in yield(More)
Vineyards exposed to wildfire generated smoke can produce wines with elevated levels of lignin derived phenols that have acrid, metallic and smoky aromas and flavour attributes. While a large number of phenols are present in smoke affected wines, the effect of smoke vegetation source on the sensory descriptors has not been reported. Here we report on a(More)
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