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OBJECTIVES The purposes of this study were first, to determine the validity of the Purdue Pegboard Test in differentiating between groups of healthy adults and adults who suffered from traumatic hand injury. Second, to determine criterion validity of the Purdue Pegboard Test with the Functional Dexterity Test (FDT). Third, to test the correlations between(More)
We independently explored the use of the Sony PlayStation II EyeToy (Sony Corporation, Foster City, CA) as a tool for use in the rehabilitation of patients with severe burns. Intensive occupational and physical therapy is crucial in minimizing and preventing long-term disability for the burn patient; however, the therapist faces a difficult challenge(More)
BACKGROUND Video games have become popular in stroke rehabilitation; however, the nature of this intervention is not fully understood. OBJECTIVES To compare the number of (a) purposeful and nonpurposeful repetitions of the weaker upper extremity (UE) and (b) movement accelerations as assessed by accelerometer activity counts of the weaker and stronger UEs(More)
BACKGROUND (1) To characterize the self-care self-efficacy (SCSE) of community dwelling individuals with chronic stroke and (2) to determine the contribution of SCSE to the independence in basic and instrumental activities of daily living (BADL and IADL) and the participation of individuals with chronic stroke. SCSE is the confidence in one's own ability to(More)
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