Ayala Gover

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Iatrogenesis often results from performance deficiencies among medical team members. Team-targeted rudeness may underlie such performance deficiencies, with individuals exposed to rude behavior being less helpful and cooperative. Our objective was to explore the impact of rudeness on the performance of medical teams. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE To detect omphalocele and associated anomalies at ultrasonography (US) early in pregnancy and to describe the outcomes in fetuses with isolated and nonisolated omphalocele. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fetal endovaginal US was performed in 43,896 pregnant women at 12-16 weeks gestation. The women found to have fetal omphalocele were offered an(More)
The sonographic definition of the fetal situs is of diagnostic importance. However, the current methods that rely on the position of both heart and stomach are not always reliable. Presented are the right-hand rule for transabdominal scanning and the left-hand rule for transvaginal scanning which enable the definition of the fetal situs. The presented rules(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the natural history and outcome of fetal pulmonary stenosis (PS), particularly that detected at 14-17 weeks' gestation. METHODS In this retrospective study we searched an electronic database of women from the general Israeli population attending a private ultrasound institute (Al-Kol ultrasound institute in Haifa) for routine complete(More)
BACKGROUND The rate of brain abnormalities in asymptomatic term neonates varies substantially in previous studies. Some of these rates may justify general screening of healthy newborns by head ultrasound (HUS). OBJECTIVES To assess the incidence of intracranial abnormalities among asymptomatic term newborns with HUS and to detect high-risk populations(More)
Pneumothorax is usually diagnosed when signs of life-threatening tension pneumothorax develop. The case report describes novel data derived from miniature superficial sensors that continuously monitored the amplitude and symmetry of the chest wall tidal displacement (TDi) in a premature infant that suffered from pneumothorax. Off-line analysis of the TDi(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the outcomes of gastroschisis (GS) patients managed with and without a multidisciplinary team during the postoperative period in Canada. METHOD The Canadian Pediatric Surgery Network (CAPSNet) collects patient data from all Canadian tertiary perinatal centres. The outcomes of 396 GS patients born between 2005 and 2009 who were(More)
We describe a new sonographic sign for the detection of anal atresia in the early midtrimester on transvaginal sonography. In six cases of fetal anal atresia, the finding of a transient, distended, and right-sided sigmoid colon was observed at 13-16 weeks' gestation. Three cases have undergone pregnancy termination due to multiple anomalies. In the other(More)
This is a case series on the abnormal sonographic appearance and outcome of the fetal hyaloid artery (HA) detected during between 1987 and 2015 at one medical center. Fifteen cases were detected during fetal anatomy scans, usually performed at 14 to 16 weeks' gestation. Three other cases were diagnosed following referral for a second opinion. In nine(More)