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Research on context-mediated facilitation of recognition memory distinguishes between the effects of reinstating the exact same context previously associated with a target and a context that is familiar but not directly associated with the target. As both effects are difficult to produce reliably in recognition experiments, attention has turned to measures(More)
The serial reaction time (SRT) task has generated a very large amount of research. Nevertheless the debate continues as to the exact cognitive processes underlying implicit sequence learning. Thus, the first goal of this study is to elucidate the underlying cognitive processes enabling sequence acquisition. We therefore compared reaction time (RT) in(More)
BACKGROUND Physical and psychosocial rehabilitation following spinal cord injury (SCI) leans heavily on learning and practicing new skills. However, despite research relating motor sequence learning to spinal cord activity and clinical observations of impeded skill-learning after SCI, implicit procedural learning following spinal cord damage has not been(More)
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