Ayako Yoshitani

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The Ntg1 and Mhr1 proteins initiate rolling-circle mitochondrial (mt) DNA replication to achieve homoplasmy, and they also induce homologous recombination to maintain mitochondrial genome integrity. Although replication and recombination profoundly influence mitochondrial inheritance, the regulatory mechanisms that determine the choice between these(More)
Din7 is a DNA damage-inducible mitochondrial nuclease that modulates the stability of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. How DIN7 gene expression is regulated, however, has remained largely unclear. Using promoter sequence alignment, we found a highly conserved 19-bp sequence in the promoter regions of DIN7 and NTG1, which encodes an(More)
Yeast DIN7 is a DNA damage-inducible gene. Its expression is increased in the absence of Dun1, a DNA damage checkpoint kinase. We identified a DIN7 promoter region responsible for Dun1-mediated downregulation and found that DIN7 expression was not further increased in response to hydroxyurea in Deltadun1 cells. Thus DIN7 repression by Dun1 can be released(More)
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