Ayako Sasase

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We report the case of a 49-year-old woman suffering from a malignant neoplasm of Langerhans cells (LC), documented by immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analysis, and review the literature to examine and characterize the clinical and laboratory features, therapy, and prognosis of malignant neoplasms of LC. Langerhans cell histiocytosis is now regarded(More)
We examined the altered expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-Sm) in human benign, pre-malignant, and malignant pigment cell tumors by immunohistochemical as well as biochemical (Western blot) analysis using anti-alpha-Sm monoclonal antibody (anti-alpha-Sm MoAb). The expression of alpha-Sm has been revealed immunohistochemically to be associated(More)
An experimental study of the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of thermal neutron capture therapy (TNCT) for melanoma cell inactivation using 10B1-paraboronophenylalanine (10B1-BPA) was carried out to demonstrate a high therapeutic effect of TNCT, compared with that of fast neutron. Cells preincubated with or without 10B1-BPA at a concentration of 50(More)
To examine the correlation between tumor metastasis and Ax actin in mouse melanoma and between tumor progression and A'.actin in human melanoma and further to investigate whether or not it is a generally existing principle, we studied the effects of reversion agents, which distinctly decrease metastatic ability of melanoma cells, on the appearance of Ax(More)
We previously established methods which have enabled us to target a sufficient number of 10B atoms on human melanoma cells to destroy them by thermal neutron irradiation. Monoclonal antibodies were here used as vector of 10B atoms on the target cell. Thermal neutrons require at least 10(9) 10B atoms to destroy the cell. In order to accumulate an adequate(More)
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