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The Drosophila visual mutant, carrying the retinal degeneration A gene (rdgA), has photoreceptor cells that degenerate within a week after eclosion. Morphological studies suggested that this mutant harbors abnormalities in membrane turnover of the photoreceptor cells. Biochemically, the rdgA mutant lacks an eye-specific and membrane-associated(More)
BACKGROUND Optogenetic techniques using light-driven ion channels or ion pumps for controlling excitable cells have greatly facilitated the investigation of nervous systems in vivo. A model organism, C. elegans, with its small transparent body and well-characterized neural circuits, is especially suitable for optogenetic analyses. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL(More)
Application of novel light-driven ion channel/pumps would benefit optogenetic studies of Caenorhabditis elegans. A recent study showed that ArchT, a novel light-driven outward proton pump, is >3 times more light-sensitive than the Arch proton pump. Here we report the silencing effect of ArchT in C. elegans cells. ArchT expressed by using a body-wall muscle(More)
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