Ayaka Ishida

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The secreted form of beta-amyloid precursor protein (sAPP alpha) is released from neurons in an activity-dependent manner, and has been reported to modulate neuronal excitability in dissociated hippocampal neurons. We now report that sAPP alpha shifts the frequency dependence for induction of long-term depression of synaptic transmission (LTD) in(More)
We previously reported that L-leucine suppresses myofibrillar proteolysis in chick skeletal muscles. In the current study, we compared the effects of L- and D-enantiomers of leucine on myofibrillar proteolysis in skeletal muscle of chicks. We also assessed whether leucine itself or its metabolite, alpha-ketoisocaproate (alpha-KIC), mediates the effects of(More)
Most of the peroxidase activities from cultured cells of Marchantia polymorpha L. were found in the cell wall. The activities increased markedly after the beginning of stationary growth. Cytochemical examination using an electron microscope indicated that the peroxidase was localized in the layers of the cell wall. The increase of peroxidase released from(More)
Endothelins (ETs), a family of vasoconstrictor peptides, are up-regulated in several pathological conditions in the brain, and induce astrocytic proliferation. We previously observed that ET-1 increased the expression of cyclin D1 protein. Thus, we confirmed the intracellular up-regulation of cyclin D1 by ET-1 in rat cultured astrocytes. Real-time PCR(More)
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