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Global society has experienced a flood of various types of data as well as a growing desire to discover and use this information effectively. Moreover, this data is changing in increasingly huge and complex ways. In particular, for data that is generated intermittently and at different intervals, attention has been focused on data streams that use(More)
Genetic programming (GP) usually has a wide search space and can use tree structure as its chromosome expression. So, GP may search for global optimum solution. But, in general, GP's learning speed is not so fast. Apriori algorithm is one of algorithms for generation of association rules. It can be applied to large database. But, It is difficult to define(More)
In this paper, two major applications are introduced to develop advanced deep learning methods for credit-card data analysis. The proposed methods are validated using benchmark experiments with other machine learnings. The experiments confirm that deep learning exhibits similar accuracy to the Gaussian kernel SVM.
We have already proposed a graph analysis method that could shorten the analysis time by reconstructing a web graph. In our proposed method, a web graph is reconstructed for parallel distributed processing of possible graphs by clustering a web graph and reconstructing the web graph for Compression Graph and Cluster Graphs. Compression Graph represents the(More)