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Reading Religion in Internet Memes
This article provides a preliminary report of a study of religious-oriented internet memes and seeks to identify the common communication styles, interpretive practices and messages about religionExpand
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Whose dystopia is it anyway? Deepfakes and social media regulation:
This study explores global journalistic discussions of deepfake applications (audiovisual manipulating applications based on artificial intelligence (AI)) to understand the narratives constructed t...
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Building meaningful cross-sector partnerships for children and media initiatives: a conversation café with scholars and activists from around the world
Abstract In this essay, we bring together academics and activists from around the world in a “conversation café” to share their perspectives on the past, present, and future of children and mediaExpand
What's in a Smile? Politicizing Disability through Selfies and Affect
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Constructing National Identity Online: The Case Study of #IranJeans on Twitter
This article explores social media users’ circulation of a Twitter hashtag #IranJeans as it reflects a complex transnational dialogue about Iranian identity markers in a globalized mediascape. ByExpand
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Approaches to digital methods in studies of digital religion
ABSTRACT This article reviews digital methodologies in the context of digital religion. We offer a tripod model for approaching digital methods: (a) defining research within digital environments, (b)Expand
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“Like Birds Returning to Their Nest”
This article explores the construction of national identity through the coverage of immigrants and immigration in 1950s Israeli children's magazines. The study's interpretive-narrative analysisExpand