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We have developed a liquid material for embolization of arteriovenous malformations that is a mixture of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer and metrizamide dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide. Upon contact with blood, dimethyl sulfoxide rapidly diffuses into the blood and forms an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer elastic soft sponge that obstructs both the feeder(More)
We reported a learning-disabled child who demonstrated a specific disorder of Kanji writing. A right-handed 13-year-old boy had showed no abnormality in general intelligence (VIQ114 and PIQ 100 in WISC-R), but could write only 35% of Kanji, which he should have learned six years before. It was necessary to develop a new test battery to detect the symptom(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic inflammation, which is associated with various conditions such as sepsis, pneumonia, and trauma, can lead to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Systemic inflammation can be life-threatening and is often associated with conditions seen in the intensive care unit. Leukocytes exert a proinflammatory effect and damage various tissues(More)
We present the MR and single-photon emission CT findings in a 3-year-old patient in whom Klüver-Bucy syndrome developed after Reye syndrome. MR images showed diffuse brain atrophy, which was predominant in the temporal lobes, and single-photon emission CT scans showed decreased cerebral perfusion in the bilateral temporal lobes and associated cortical areas.
We reported a 7-year-old, right-handed boy whose reading and writing of kana and kanji were impaired. He also showed a severe deficit in visuo-spatial perception skills. Nevertheless, his ability to read and write kana characters was facilitated by means of the Japanese Syllabaries. It is generally considered that the Syllabary involve two kinds of language(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic inflammation can result in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition. Some reports suggest that continuous hemodiafiltration can effectively remove proinflammatory cytokines from circulation during systemic inflammation. In the present study, we investigated whether continuous hemodiafiltration therapy(More)
STUDY DESIGN This is a retrospective study. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to categorize unexpected postural changes (UPCs) during gait training in paraplegic patients with wearable gait-assist robots, to reveal the incidence of the UPC and its time-dependent changes during initial gait training period and to investigate neurological(More)
The authors surveyed handicaps in daily life of persons with learning disability (LD) or its related conditions. Among 470 parents of persons with LD, 266 (56.6%) responded. The required assistance differed according to the age and handicaps. Whereas 18.0% of the respondents were utilizing current social services, 75.3% agreed on the establishment of(More)