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Progress in algorithm development and transfer of results to practical applications such as military robotics requires the setup of standard tasks, of standard qualitative and quantitative measurements for performance evaluation and validation. Although the evaluation and validation of algorithms have been discussed for over a decade, the research community(More)
Ambient temperature has two fundamental impacts on the Arabidopsis circadian clock system in the processes referred to as temperature compensation and entrainment, respectively. These temperature-related longstanding problems have not yet been fully clarified. Recently, we provided evidence that temperature signals feed into the clock transcriptional(More)
We describe a methodology for evaluating algorithms to provide quantitative information about how well road detection and road following algorithms perform. The approach relies on generating a set of standard data sets annotated with ground truth. We evaluate the algorithms used to detect roads by comparing the output of the algorithms with ground truth,(More)
Research efforts to achieve the production of artificial seedlings of the Japanese eel Anguilla japonica have progressed in recent decades. However, morphological deformities have been frequently observed in reared leptocephali and glass eels. We examined the effect of water current velocities (5.7–8.3 cm/s) on the body size and morphology of reared(More)
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