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Cofilin regulates actin filament dynamics by stimulating actin filament disassembly and plays a critical role in cytokinesis and chemotactic migration. Aip1 (actin-interacting protein 1), also called WDR1 (WD-repeat protein 1), is a highly conserved WD-repeat protein in eukaryotes and promotes cofilin-mediated actin filament disassembly in vitro; however,(More)
Short hairpin RNAs targeting 66 Rho-GEFs were screened for inhibition of chemotaxis. Six Rho-GEFs (p63RhoGEF, Trio, Duet, Net1, Frabin/Fgd4, and AAH33666) were found to be required for the serum-induced chemotactic migration of MDA-MB-231 human breast carcinoma cells. Knockdown of p63RhoGEF suppressed serum-induced RhoA activation and chemotaxis and caused(More)
Enzymes from extremely halophilic archaea require high concentration of salts for their proper folding and consequently are expressed as an unfolded and inactive form in Escherichia coli. Moderate halophile, which accumulates protein stabilizers, i.e., compatible solutes, is an attractive host cell for the recombinant production of heterologous proteins,(More)
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