Ayşegül Atak Yücel

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of phase I periodontal treatment on gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) levels of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-3 and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMP)-1. METHODS Plaque index, gingival index, pocket depth and clinical attachment loss were recorded and GCF samples were collected from 20(More)
A host-derived neutrophil-activating cytokine interleukin-8 (IL-8) is secreted mainly by monocytes and is considered to be important in regulating alveolar bone resorption during tooth movement. The aim of this study was to evaluate the levels of IL-8 during mechanical forces on periodontal tissues at different stages of orthodontic therapy. Ten canine(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the effects of scaling and root planing (SRP) +/- sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline (SDD) on gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) levels of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) -1, -8, -13 and on serum levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (HsCRP) and lipid fractions in patients with both chronic periodontitis (CP) and coronary(More)
The etiology of autism is unclear, however autism is considered as a multifactorial disorder that is influenced by neurological, environmental, immunological and genetic factors. Growth factors, including epidermal growth factor (EGF), play an important role in the cellular proliferation and the differentiation of the central and peripheral nervous system.(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of this study were to investigate the periodontal status and susceptibility to periodontal disease progression of the teeth in contact with removable partial dentures (RPD) and to compare them with control teeth in mouths not restored with a partial denture, by means of both clinical parameters and interleukin (IL)-1beta levels in(More)
OBJECTIVES Systemic conditions may affect host susceptibility, disease progression and severity as well as treatment response. Previously, low oestrogen (E(2)) levels were associated with increased bone resorption, due to increased osteoclastogenesis and decreased osteoclast apoptosis. Osteoprotegerin (OPG) is an essential cytokine for osteoclastogenesis.(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) levels of tissue type plasminogen activator (t-PA) and plasminogen activator inhibitor 2 (PAI-2) in aggressive periodontitis (AgP), chronic periodontitis (CP) and periodontally healthy control subjects, before (BT) and after (AT) the non-surgical periodontal treatment.(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compares peri-implant crevicular fluid (PICF) prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) levels, clinical parameters and implant stability quotient (ISQ) values around implants placed in augmented extraction sockets. MATERIALS AND METHODS The sockets (24 in total) were randomly augmented using either EMD or Bio-Oss Collagen. Implant placements were(More)
In Turkey, the immunization policy against diphtheria involves childhood vaccination, and no routine booster dose is administered after 12 years of age. Information about the immune status of the population is important to predict the potential for epidemics, several of which have occurred recently in neighboring countries. The aim of this study was to(More)
253 Abstract: Plasmodium berghei is the rodent equivalent of Plasmodium falciparum which causes cerebral malaria in humans. However, P. berghei does not cause cerebral malaria in BALB/c mice, instead it leads to parasitemia, fever and some degree of liver damage. Although different aspects of immunological response have been intensively investigated in(More)