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Turkey-US Relations (2009–2016): A troubled partnership in a troubled world?
This chapter focuses on Turkey-US relations, which have taken on new dimensions during the Obama period. It begins by reframing the relationship under the vision of a ‘model partnership’, during theExpand
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The Geopolitical Origins of Turkish-American Relations: Revisiting the Cold War Years
Critical geopolitics provides ways of looking at the world and questioning the role of geopolitics in foreign policymaking processes, as opposed to accepting them as objective and natural. From thisExpand
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Roots of Labor Zionism: Israel as the New Land of Socialist Ideas?
Labor Zionism, which dominated the politics and organizational structure of the Jewish community in Palestine during the pre-state period, became the main component of the founding ideology of theExpand
The US Bases and Their Contributions to US Hegemony
This study analyzes the perpetuation of US hegemony through its overseas military bases. It takes a Marxist-Gramscist hegemony approach as its theoretical basis and discusses the political processes,Expand