Axita A. Gupta

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OBJECTIVES We set out to determine the optimal treatment options-surgery, radiation therapy (rt), systemic therapy, or any combinations thereof-for patients with desmoid tumours once the decision to undergo active treatment has been made (that is, monitoring and observation have been determined to be inadequate).provide clinical-expert consensus opinions on(More)
Sandy beaches support a wide variety of underappreciated biodiversity that is critical to coastal ecosystems. Prior to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the diversity and function of supratidal beach sediment microbial communities along Gulf of Mexico coastlines were not well understood. As such, it was unclear if microbial community compositional(More)
Background—Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are well known for their ability to " protect " the structure and function of native macromolecules, particularly as they traffic across membranes. Considering the role of key mitochondrial proteins in apoptosis and the known antiapoptotic effects of HSP27 and HSP72, we postulated that HSP60, primarily a mitochondrial(More)
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