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Chaperone synthesis in response to proteotoxic stress is dependent on a family of transcription factors named heat shock factors (HSFs). The two main factors in this family, HSF1 and HSF2, are co-expressed in numerous tissues where they can interact and form heterotrimers in response to proteasome inhibition. HSF1 and HSF2 exhibit two alternative splicing(More)
Pattern heterogeneities and anisotropies often carry significant physical information. We provide a toolbox which: (i) cumulates analysis in terms of position, direction and scale; (ii) is as general as possible; (iii) is simple and fast to understand, implement, execute and exploit. It consists in dividing the image into analysis boxes at a chosen scale;(More)
We present a numerical implementation of an active inclusion in a granular material submitted to a biaxial test. We discuss the dependence of the response to this perturbation on two parameters: the intragranular friction coefficient on one hand, and the degree of the loading on the other hand. We compare the numerical results to theoretical predictions(More)
We propose a dynamical mechanism leading to the fluidization by external mechanical fluctuations of soft-glassy amorphous material driven below the yield stress. The model is based on the combination of memory effect and nonlinearity, leading to an accumulation of tiny effects over a long term. We test this scenario on a granular packing driven mechanically(More)
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