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Initiation of chromosome segregation in bacteria is achieved by proteins acting near the origin of replication. Here, we report that the precise choreography of the terminus region of the Escherichia coli chromosome is also tightly controlled. The segregation of the terminus (Ter) macrodomain (MD) involves the structuring factor MatP. We characterized that(More)
The organization of the Escherichia coli chromosome into a ring composed of four macrodomains and two less-structured regions influences the segregation of sister chromatids and the mobility of chromosomal DNA. The structuring of the terminus region (Ter) into a macrodomain relies on the interaction of the protein MatP with a 13-bp target called matS(More)
The Ori region of bacterial genomes is segregated early in the replication cycle of bacterial chromosomes. Consequently, Ori region positioning plays a pivotal role in chromosome dynamics. The Ori region of the E. coli chromosome is organized as a macrodomain with specific properties concerning DNA mobility, segregation of loci and long distance DNA(More)
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