Axel Schild

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This paper presents a novel optimal adaptive feedback control concept for nonlinear switched autonomous systems. Our proposed controller implements a closed-loop switching law, which is represented by a parametrized switching plane in the state space. During the plant operation, the plane parameters are incrementally adapted to state measurements in real(More)
Discretely controlled continuous systems (DCCS) represent an important class of hybrid systems, in which a continuous process is regulated by a discrete controller. The paper introduces a novel model-based design procedure for periodically operated DCCS with the objective to produce a periodic stationary operation. The method exploits an equivalence to(More)
ORBKIT is a toolbox for postprocessing electronic structure calculations based on a highly modular and portable Python architecture. The program allows computing a multitude of electronic properties of molecular systems on arbitrary spatial grids from the basis set representation of its electronic wavefunction, as well as several grid-independent(More)
We present multireference calculations for the characterization of ring inversion and double bond shifting in cyclooctatetraene. The results show that it is necessary to treat the dynamical correlation very accurately to obtain correct values for the barrier heights. This can be done, for example, with multireference configuration interaction or with(More)
This paper investigates the stabilization of a novel subclass of impulsive hybrid systems (IHS) that feature controllable guards and resets maps. While the structure of the guards and the reset map is assumed to be completely determined from the physical setup , both mappings are jointly adjustable through exogenous control inputs at run-time. As a core(More)