Axel Karduck

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It is reported on experiences made with endoscopy of the maxillary sinus by means of three different angular optics according to Hopkins (0 degree, 30 degrees, 70 degrees). A sinuscopy is indicated in order to obtain an early diagnosis of malignant tumour growth; it is decisive as to an operation of the maxillary sinus to be carried out; it clarifies(More)
45 patients having been treated with radium contact irradiation on account of a glottic carcinoma were continually checked up with a view to ascertaining the functional results obtained. By means of indirect and direct laryngoscopy as well as by stroboscopy vocal organ and vocal quality were tested for a period of few days up to 3 years 6 months. The(More)
By comparing the effects of CO2- and Nd∶YAG-laser radiation (mainly differing in wave-length by a factor of 10), a surgical instrument suitable for Otorhinolaryngology had to be found. The studies were performed on the rabbit's auricle in order to examine the effect of the laser irradiation mainly on the cartilage. The CO2-laser was found to be more(More)
In animals the endolaryngeal application of Laser rays of the Nd: YAG-Laser MediLas was tested under microsurgical conditions, the early and late alterations of the vocal cords were endoscopically observed and histologically studied. Laser surgery has the special merit of permitting a touchless and bloodless operation. The experiences with the Nd: YAG-Laser(More)
In animals the endolaryngeal application of laser rays of the Nd: YAG Laser MediLas (lambda = 1.06 mum) was tested under microsurgical conditions, the early and late alterations of the vocal cords caused by a dosage of 17 watt/mm2 fractioned over 7 sec were endoscopically observed and studied by light- and electronmicroscopy. A circumscribed vocal cord(More)
50 patients with tumour of the pituitary gland, whom we operated on the transantrosphenoidal way, were rhinologically followed up, with a view to ascertaining eventual impairment in function, incurring through this method. The examinations carried out included rhinoscopy, endoscopy of the nasal and paranasal sinuses and of the nasopharynx, X-ray controls(More)
A short review of experiences in animal usage is made, and the first clinical experiences with the endolaryngeal application of the Neodymium: YAG laser MediLas in the treatment of benign vocal cord lesions are reported. The initial results are favourable, but final judgement of this microsurgical technique must be based upon a larger number of patients and(More)
The auditory organ in young Caimans (50 to 80 cms length) was studied with SEM and TEM. The auditory organ contains the basilar membrane with the papilla basilaris and the 3 internal ear cavities. A “fourth cavity” bordering on the scala tympani extends into the medial fibrocartilaginous plate. It contains the first nodal region of the myelinated afferent(More)
The light- and electronmicroscopic alterations, which result after application of ultrasound upon the growing rabbit's larynx, are reported in acute and chronic experiments. After an intensity of 3.5 to 5 Watt/cm applied over a time of 180 sec we found a sharply localised aseptic necrosis of the cartilage. Electronmicroscopic findings demonstrated(More)