Axel Kalpen

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For clinical grip force assessment, the Jamar dynamometer is a wide accepted tool. Users have to be aware that this method does not represent all grip efforts applied. The Manugraphy system is a tool that measure total grip force as well as identify load distribution patterns of the hand while gripping cylinders wrapped with calibrated capacitive matrix(More)
AIMS The recurrence of foot ulcers is a significant problem in people with diabetic neuropathy. The purpose of this study was to measure in-shoe plantar pressures and other characteristics in a group of neuropathic patients with diabetes who had prior foot ulcers which had remained healed. METHODS This was an epidemiological cohort study of patients from(More)
Pressure distribution measurement offers an objective and quantifiable method of determining the loads applied to the human body during static and dynamic situations such as walking and the more demanding tasks associated with sporting activities. While there are various systems available on the market, the technology and developments offered by novel(More)
The anatomy of heel vascularization implies that there is a high risk of necrosis if degloved soft tissue is only sutured back to its former position. Two patients who had sustained similar degloving injuries of the heel are presented. One of them was treated by primary revascularization and the other by secondary reconstruction with a dorsalis pedis flap.(More)
Background The mechanism of offloading plantar pressure with a TCC is by redistributing weight-bearing load across the entire plantar surface of the foot and increasing the plantar surface contact area [1]. An additional mechanism is by transfer of load to the cast walls however these studies relied on indirect methods [2-4]. No previous research has(More)
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