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We have identified 2 olfactory specific proteins in the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar that are uniquely associated with the male antennae, the principal olfactory organs of this animal. These proteins were the major soluble protein components of the olfactory sensilla, present in equivalent amounts. Both proteins comigrated on SDS-PAGE, showing an apparent(More)
Inhibition of gene transcription is brought about by several mechanisms. The least understood mechanism is probably silencing, the analogue to transcriptional enhancing. We provide evidence that the silencing function of the oncogene product v-ERBA or the cellular counterpart, the thyroid hormone receptor (TR, c-erbA) is located in the C-terminal part and(More)
Silencer elements, by analogy to enhancer elements, function independently of their position and orientation. We show that the chicken lysozyme silencer S-2.4 kb has many other characteristics in common with enhancer elements. The silencer is comprised of modules that independently repress gene activity--repression being increased synergistically when(More)
Simple repetitive DNA sequences have been regarded as mere "junk" present in all eukaryotic genomes. In fact, mixed simple repeat (gt)n(ga)m sequences are present in major histocompatibility complex MHC-DRB genes for long evolutionary times, including such distant animals as artiodactyla and man. We describe herein an unsophisticated method which reveals(More)
Members of the steroid receptor superfamily, like other transcription factors, can function as transcriptional inducers as well as repressors of transcription. The mechanisms by which repression is achieved seem to be specific for the factors and regulatory sequences involved. Silencing activity is conferred by the DNA bound v-ERBA, which is able to repress(More)
One of the chicken lysozyme gene silencers binds two transcription factors, v-ERBA or the thyroid hormone receptor and NeP1 (negative protein 1), a new silencer binding protein. NeP1 is neutral on a monomeric binding site, but mediates weak repression on a multimerized site and strong synergistic repression in conjunction with v-ERBA on the wild-type(More)
Die Integration von Aktionsplanung und Konfigurierung wird hier anhand eines Planungsszenarios aus der Montage betrachtet. Die Konfigurierungsaufgabe besteht in der Auswahl der Aufbaukomponenten der Montageanlage sowie Bestimmung der Verknüpfungen dieser Komponenten untereinander. Die Festlegung der Reihenfolge, in der die einzelnen Montagevorgänge(More)
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